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We're Only Resting!
It's been over a year since the Creature Catalog had any updates. This is mainly because we've cleared the backlog of converted monsters in our Enworld forum. Conversions are still ongoing, but it's just been excessively slow. There are still hundreds of unconverted monsters left and we should hopefully have a new batch of monsters added before too long.

The catalog hasn't been entirely static in the meantime. A number of stat errors in existing entries have been corrected and the names of some of the prehistoric mammals have been revised. There's also been one new monster - the addition of a Megalium stage to the Silver Slime entry.

Finally, the Creature Catalog website went down recently due to server issues, it's now on a temporary server and is in the process of being transferred to a more permanent home.
Posted by Cleon on 02-Feb-2014 at 00:00

A Miscellaneous Medley
This week we present some odds and ends. The amazon is a fearsome female warrior, while their counterparts the emezon are handsome male homemakers. Among the humanoids, goatfolk are monstrous bandits, and the hek dwell in the deep desert. The aurotyugh is deadly aberration that disguises itself as a pile of gold. The clockwork warrior golem and its smaller cousin the lesser clockwork warrior are spring-driven constructs designed to crush intruders, whose whirring gears can rend an attacker's weapons. The scythetail is a dangerous magical beast, and the skullcap ivy and vizier's turban are bizarre symbionts (or parasites, depending on your point of view).

With this batch of creatures we have mostly cleared the backlog of converted monsters, so new updates to the Creature Catalog will be occurring at a much slower pace.
Posted by Cleon and freyar on 26-Nov-2012 at 00:00

Beasts from Beyond
This week, we bring you a batch of critters from other planes and the depths of space, as well as a couple Material critters with an other-worldly vibe. The buseni guard secret areas of Arcadia, while narra, relatives of the lamassu and shedu, often guard paragons of good on the Material plane. The leomarh are ferocious hunters in the Outlands. And the misi and nay-churr are perils for even the most cautious spelljammer, while stargazers are reptilian horrors that ambush asteroid-miners. The niath are gravity-defying predators from Bytopia, the quill are porcupine-like animals native to some of the more violent outer planes and the warden beasts ward groups of animal spirits of the Beastlands. Finally, the suwyze is a mass of antennae created as a living alarm system.
Posted by freyar and Cleon on 12-Nov-2012 at 00:00

Halloween Specials
This ghoulish season brings you ten seasonal terrors.

The cocoadaemon and chocodeva are tiny creatures of living chocolate who seek to turn their summoners into sinners or saints. They're bringing the candy this year. An uran doppleganger has powers of mimicry put its normal relatives to shame. The mistlike transient golem saps a victim's life essence and turns into a bloodthirsty imitation of them. The sentinel eidolon is an eldritch guardian with a mind-wrenching psychic blast and a lethal psiforged blade. The dirtwraith waits in the Abyss to fertilize its victims' corpses. The windigo is a terror whispering in the wind, and it brings along a mosquito swarm. Finally, the magical and psionic leech and their swarms are squelchy enough to creep you out and guarantee to scare the socks off any casters or manifesters in your party.
Posted by Cleon and freyar on 30-Oct-2012 at 00:00

A whole bunch of creepy-crawlies invade the CC from the Cambrian era! Allow us to present giant versions of amiskwia, leanchoilia, marella, ondotogriphus, and wiwaxia. There's also the ship-sinking squid-like anomalocaris, the pilfering yohoia, and the armored ottoia and sanctacaris. Rounding out the batch is the devil wyrm, a subterranean worm-like magical beast that enjoys munching on humanoids. Player characters beware!
Posted by freyar on 15-Oct-2012 at 00:00

Snakes and Friends
Five serpents and five monstrous humanoids slither and stomp their way into the Creature Catalog this week. On the snake side, we have the poisonous giant fanged python, giant cobra, and aeserpent, as well as the constricting teak serpent. Snake grass is the serpent of the plant kingdom, and, among our monstrous humanoids, the megalofolk revere the yuan-ti. We also have the harrier and scathe as well as the cave kala and earth kala.
Posted by freyar on 08-Oct-2012 at 00:00

Aquatic Menaces
What horrors lurk in the water has long concerned prudent adventurers, and here are 10 more to add to their anxieties. The ocean hides the mighty Zakharan kraken and the colonial coral worm. A crab swarm of lesser monstrous crab may scuttle anywhere there is water, while the giant sand crab prefers beaches. The crystal nipper is a nasty little relative of the rot grub that fortunately only lives in glacial seas. Staying away from the ocean is not enough to escape these threats, for an entrails-eating kappa-ti turtle-creature or its vampiric kappa relative could be hiding in any freshwater stream or pool, or a pack of froglike fin-winged water leapers. Finally, the delphon, or songshark, swims the interplanar river Oceanus bewildering creatures with its music, although it only devours sapients when it's very hungry.
Posted by Cleon on 30-Sep-2012 at 00:00

Mites and Ghoulies
This week our monster selection is divided in twain. Five are small but dangerous: the monkey-like rautym can dance together to produce mighty magic, the one-eyed tatalla are miniature assassins, and the pasari-nimal warrior, noble and calipha are horrible little ant-folk. The other five are undead or creatures that resemble undead. The human-headed bird spirit hama, the malevolent darksider, and the magic-item-possessing tarsardar may look ghostly but are not undead, while the drow vampire and kender vampire are genuine undead.
Posted by Cleon on 24-Sep-2012 at 00:00

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